UO: Addiction

Ultima Online was originally released in September of 1997 by Origin. It was a ground-breaking game that really brought attention to the MMO genre. Addiction is a T2A core that strives to bring back the nostalgia of what we believe was the best era, but still allow players access to most of the newest systems available on OSI and ones never seen before. Our team works continuously, striving to keep the server unique and maintain the innovative spirit we all fell in love with so long ago.

Join us in a world where you can lose yourself in endless possibilities and be anything from a baker located outside the city of Vesper, a brave warrior dungeon crawling through unique dungeons created by our staff, or even a villainous murderer who preys on anyone that crosses their sights.

Free to Play

UO: Addiction is 100% free to play. We created this server due to our love of the game and the community that comes together to enjoy the game we all know and love. Instead of a donation system we have a rewards system that encourages players to PvP or PvM to gain rewards other servers offer through donations.

Sandbox Style

There is no “endgame” content, instead all content is available to you from the moment you create a character; Whether you can survive the content is entirely dependent upon your skills, and choices. Join players from all over the world, bring you friends, or make new ones and begin your new life today.


Your choices and the choices of other players can shape the world and dictate the lore of the realm. Enjoy real-time combat where life, or death is entirely based on skill or in the moment decisions. Build a house, join a guild, or construct your own personal empire, the choice is yours.

How to login

Most Players use:

You will need to use a third-party program such as Razor, or UO Steam to login to the server.

Download RazorDownload UOsteam

Server Addresses:

  • Primary Server


Port: 2593

  • Secondary Server as Test


Port: 2593


Join Our Community

A great way to speak to current players and staff members in real time or to get help by joining our communities discord channels.
Join our Discord channel UOAddiction

Orion Client 

Advanced Players Use:

Fully Patched Client, Pre-configured for the UO: Addiction server.

All server files are included.

Fully patched with smooth movement and included assist
Orion Launcher Download

Directions to Use:

1. Download.
2. Unzip to desktop.
3. Open Folder, find OrionLauncher.
4. Click the three ... on top right of launcher
5. Set path to the same folder you just unziped.
6. With launcher open, click the launcher tab and click launch.


*Join our Discord for further assistance.*

Get Addicted!

UO: Addiction, delivering a truly immersive and enjoyable experience for all players, whether you're a returning veteran or just beginning your Ultima Online journey. We aim to bring an exclusive combination of everything you know and love about UO together. Suitable for ALL play-styles, Completely FREE!

Exclusively Unique!