About Us

Our Approach

Ultima Online (UO) is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), released on September 24, 1997 by Origin Systems. It was essential to the development of this genre, and is still running today.

The game is played online in a fantasy setting similar to that of the other preceding Ultima games. This is a custom-made ultima online free shard meaning that the content you experience here is not always the same as content on the original servers. UO: Addiction is designed to keep the essence of UO intact while still working to be unique among other servers. Almost 100% of our systems are hand crafted based upon our 20 years of playing the game, if they are not 100% our code we have modified it in a way to make it unique. We believe we are unique mixture of systems that is a nice blend between what we consider the longest standing PvP server UOGamers: Hybrid and UO Forever.

The UO: Addiction Server has a large mixture of unique systems with almost all possible vendors to train and sell basic items to you.

The shard also has:
  • The Bank (Increased storage).
  • The Museum.
  • The Library (Including runes).
  • A Player Market (Via Vendor Boards at banks).
  • A Casino (Custom Poker, Blackjack and Lotto).
  • Custom Vendors and Items.
  • Player interactive NPC and quests.
  • Unique Crafting system.
  • Custom Combat system.
  • Unique Monster Kills points system.
Additional Features
Wait! There is more.
  • Anti-Macro fast skill gains with Monster kills (Deeds and potions as drops).
  • Custom Mining.
  • Unique Crafting.
  • Dungeons are Both PvP and PvM friendly, with custom regions and drops based upon Risk Vs Reward.
  • Bounty System for PK's with short term stat-loss (1 minute per kill above 5 long term kills).
  • Custom Party System, with non criminal group heals and gates.
  • Custom Taming and PvE with unique drops.
  • PvP and PvE points and rewards (Britian Guard Tower).
  • Unique Dueling systems.
  • Unique Automated Server-Wars and Events systems.
  • Unique Skills for balanced builds.
  • Unique Housing and Decay Timers.
  • Custom Mail system.
  • Custom Map areas.
  • Role Playing systems 1 offs.
  • Critical Hits systems for dexers.
  • 1 off Tamable's and Mounts.
  • Reduced Item Weights.
  • Unique PvP rewards.
  • Unique Stat-Scroll System and Skill gains based off Monster Kills, double kill, double skill.
  • Unique Potions and timers.
  • Custom PvM and attack animations.
  • Role playing Dungeons with heavily themed spawns.
  • Unique Archery Abilities and bow damages accenting Role Playing and balancing player builds.
  • Fully Patched server.
  • New Art and unseen monsters.

Our Story

A small group of passionate individuals who enjoy working to bring back the nostalgia of Ultima Onine. While working to keep the server unique by implementing new systems and ideas.

A few years back, we all as a group decided to try and bring new features to an old game we have all so loved for so long, and still do today!!

We hope you enjoy the server and have as much fun interacting with the unique systems as we have during the course of development. This is a new spin on a very old game, you will find all the scripting to be unique and in most cases 1 offs.

Meet the Team


20 year veteran of UO, a professional IT administrator and wireless infrastructure designer.

Twist, enjoys beaches, fishing and a Southern Life style.


A professionally trained C++ programmer, works as a professor training young minds in the UK.

Sirocco, enjoys tea, chickens and days spent on a lake fishing.


A Professional IT Administrator, highly devloped skills in MSDN and AWS. Maintains large and small business networks and server racks.

A highly developed intellectual personality, with a one off sense of humor.