The Bank (Increased storage)

  • Holds more items.

The Library (Including runes)

  • By Britain Faction base.

A Player Market (Via Vendor Boards at banks)

  • All players can add their vendor house to the board. The board will gate players to the vendor house.

A Casino (Custom Poker, Blackjack and Lotto)

  • All casino systems are modified. You'll notice a few vendors around some towns selling custom items that are unique to this server. An example is a faction vendor that sells custom pots and items that are unique to the faction system. Some items are used to defend sigils and bases to help hold towns.

Player interactive NPC and quests

  • To entice Role Players, we have made custom NPC's that will interact with you as you approach them, giving you information to secret areas and custom themed spawns.


Unique Crafting and BODS

  • The crafting system has unique craft-able items, each skill has these items as well as the BOD system.
  • The BOD system has 5 categories
  1. Taming
  2. Inscription
  3. Blacksmith
  4. Tailoring
  5. Carpentry and Fletching
  • Runic are in, and bods will have custom semi-rares and colors.

Dungeons are Both PvP and PvM friendly with custom regions and drops based upon Risk Vs Reward.

  • We have 4 regions that give you a gray flag by walking in to that region, thus making you attack-able by other players with out the ability to give murder counts. In these regions you will find increased loot, rare drops and steal-able items. Treasure chests will also have more items and random rares that can spawn inside them. We get these are more dangerous areas and for this reason, we've made it more lucrative for players daring enough to farm them.

Bounty System for PK's with short term stat-loss (1 minute per kill above 5 long term kills)

  • The Bounty System is similar to that of other shards with an exception, when you turn the head in of the PK, it will put them in stat loss for a period of 1 minute for every kill above 5 kills. Murder decay timers have also been adjusted to be 16 hours for long terms and 4 hours max for short terms.

Custom Party System, with non criminal group heals and gates

  • We have designed and built a custom party system the acts similar to the standard party system with a couple improvements.
  1. If you are in danger in an area and need help from a party member, providing they are not a Criminal,  Murderer and don't belong to a Faction; You can click a menu located on your screen and it will cast them a gate to you. This gate is only for them and is a one way ticket to you. You can't use this system to escape as well.
  2. If you PvE in a group, and are attacked by PK's or Bosses as an example, when you cast greater heal on yourself it will also greater heal all Non-Criminal, Non-Faction, Non-Murders in your party that are inside a 10 tile radius of you on execution.

Custom Taming and PVE with unique drops

  • 100's of custom monsters with custom art. You'll have to explore many areas to see them all and a few areas are secret. You'll stumble across them while looking and exploring.

PvP and PvE points and rewards (Britian Guard Tower)

  • Moongates in the britian guard tower by britian bank. This custom building will show you examples of the items you can purchase with your reward points to PvP and PvE vendors.

Unique Dueling systems

  • We use the same PvP system on most servers with heavy modifications to the system, allowing points to become a currency for the purchase of consumables as well as rares and reward items.

Unique Automated Server-wars and events systems

  • The events systems are completely automated, they will go off in 1 hour and 2 hour intervals. The server-wars scripts will go off automatically once a week when the server automatically reboots. These are all one off scripts and not seen on other servers. Two of which have been in development over the past four years and are now to be used after being thoroughly tested.

Unique Skills for balanced builds

  • We added a few small random abilities to random weapons that have algorithms based upon your abilities as a player and the ability as a weapon to issue random swing speeds and damages. Not to mention some weapons as well have unique abilities to to random damage types in random intervals.  We are keeping the exact math secret to keep players from making macros to trigger these abilities.

Unique Housing and decay timers

  • By clicking house signs you'll see exactly how refreshed or decayed a house is. You will also be notified how many days the house has left before becoming IDOC.

Custom Map areas

  • As you're exploring around dungeons and areas you'll randomly come across 1 off areas with one off monsters that in most cases give one off items as random drops. This helps in keeping the items rare, the dungeons secret and the lucky player rich!

Critical Hits systems for Dexxers

  • We have seen over the years on free servers that dexxer builds have almost disappeared. We have added in a critical hit system that gives dexxers weapons a random chance of faster swing speeds and increased hits. A few chosen weapons can have an ability for Paralyze or Concussion blows.

1 off tamable's and mounts

  • There are many custom creatures and dragons all across the world. Some have even been made into ethereal mounts and have also been added to the PvE points rewards systems.
  • 6 Custom art tamable dragons.
  • 17 Custom Mounts.

Reduced item Weights

  • Item Weights are reduced to allow  your character to carry more items around whilst exploring the UO world.

Unique Stat-Scroll System and Skill-Gains (Anti-Macro)

  • This system is based off Monster Kills, double kill, double skill philosophy. The system includes skill and stat scroll drops as random items on Monsters, in addition to Skill-Gain and Stat-Gain potions that will drop on Elemental type monsters. The Stat-Gain scrolls (All monsters can drop at random.) will give you an automatic +1 or +2 in a random scroll drop. The Skill-Gain potions will increase your skill gains by a labeled timer for 1-2 hours. Some Dungeons will also give you a faster skill gain by region.  The goal with these in game scripts were to motivate new players to explore the world while gaining wealth as well as skills. As you'll see reading these descriptions, our goal is to use areas of Britannia that us old players never visit any longer.

Unique Potions and timers

Many servers are generally set up to favor Alchy-Stun Mage, Nox-Mage, Bola-Tamers and Tamer builds. Our goal is to balance builds and bring back Archery, Fencing, Swords Ect. So each one of these systems accents another and have been well tested. You'll find potions on this server for Concussion Blow, Paralyse defense and more. A great example of re-balancing is that Greater Cures will struggle to cure deadly poisons. We removed most wands in the game and added Great Cure Wands to counter balance a stronger poisoning system. The new potions are not craft-able items but are part of the monster loot drop systems and to generate a player economy, sellable on player vendors.

Custom PvM and attack animations

  • As a fully patched server, we take advantage of the newer art available in the game. The monster scripts are all unique to the server and bring custom animations not seen on other servers.  These custom Monsters, as you come across them, are not easy targets, so beware!! In addition, they will drop custom items at a low chance rate.

Role Playing dungeons with heavily themed spawns

  • We have created dungeons with custom monsters that are themed and story line based. An example is custom vendors in the world who as you pass them will interact with you, providing you with a book. This book explains how to gain custom keys to unlock custom dungeons that have custom spawns and custom item drops.

Unique Archery Abilities and Bow Damages 

  • Archers have been given the ability to shoot while moving. They also have critical hit chance timers to allow a faster shot for short bursts, as well as higher damages at a random chance. The bows will also give Archers a Paralyze chance and in some cases a Concussion blow chance. These are rare chances but have been added to allow templates with Archery to become a viable build again.

Fully Patched server

  • A fully patched server allows us to implement custom arts that most free servers do not offer, so you'll see custom items, home decorations, monsters and vendors that most free servers don't offer as of today.

Player Vs Player System

Over view:

The Player vs Player system AKA PK system is unique in its own nature from any other system currently out there in the Ultima Online free server world. We took inspiration from the two most well known servers that have had or have large players bases and are both uniquely known for there different perspectives on the free UO worlds. UOForever aka UOF has a PvP system that is based upon PKs should be at a disadvantage to the common blue, we agree. Hybrid having one of the best PvP systems ever produced in the the free server world, we couldn't ignore what they have done as well. So we've uniquely coded our own version, combining what we believe are the best aspects of both systems. While maintaining the world of blues having an advantage to Reds or PK's. We also wanted to be sure that reds have a unique experience in the game and are not totally left out.

PvP Points System

If you single right click yourself you'll see a unique player info menu, in the menu you'll see a listing for PvP credits. For each unique player you kill, you attain 1 point, for each unique death you suffer you will lose 1 point. Each one of those points are a currency redeemable from the PvP Points Rewards vendor located at the Britain Guard town by Britan Bank. You can use these point to acquire supplies such as reagents, armor and unique items such as wearbles.

Murderer bounties and TEMPORARY Stat-Losses

Reds aka Murderers, there is a bounty system in place. Here are the details, when or if you Player Kill another player, a menu to the dead player will appear, in that menu they have an option to place a bounty on your head. The bounty price is determined by the victim. Once the bounty has been placed, it will remain on your head for 20 days. If you die, the player will have to remove your head by cutting your corpse with a bladed weapon and place the head in their back pack. The player then has two hours to turn that specific head into the guard located at local banks. The guard will give the reward to the player turning in the head of the Red or PK as long as it hasn't exceed the two hour time frame from the removal of the head. When this happens, your red player character will go into a Stat-Loss for a period of 1 minute for every long term murder count you have above 5 counts.

We have reduced the timer on how long it takes for a murder count to decay off your player character, 16 hours for long terms and a max of 4 hours for short terms.

We have also created attack-able regions in areas that all players become attack-able without the repercussions of a murder count. These regions are very lucrative for PvM type players as the Monster base drops double as well as a chance to obtain custom one of a kind rares.


Player Vs Enviroment :

Here at UO Addiction we have a very unique system that we believe will help balance player interactions with the environmental mobiles in the server. After being veteran players of UO for 20 years, we all noticed most PvM style players usually go out into Sosaria and PvM with the same monsters over and over and over again. So we created a system that is unique to this server and will encourage players to kill different MOB types and visit different areas of the server to keep a balanced MOBILE POINT SYSTEM between monster groups.

[checkmobfactions - This command can be run by players to report their current standing with all existing Monster Groups (this is the same as using the item identification skill on themselves).

A smaller list is also in your Playerinfo, by right clicking your in game character and clicking the menu PlayerInfo. 


How It works


A system that keeps track of a players interactions with server-definable Monster groups. Points can be gained and lost by killing Monsters that are allied or opposed to each monster group. Additional features that are included provide additional inheritances such as giving out Points for completing quests, based upon faction levels with certain groups. By watching balanced points inside your player INFO profile (Right Click yourself), additional points-dependent features can be attached such as making mob taming, control, and how long it takes for Monsters to acquire a player as a target dependent on faction standing with a given Monster group.

Monster Points are a dice roll based upon fame and Karma and your current points +- with that specific monster group. The rewards that can be purchased using mob kill Credits are redeemable at the Britian Guard tower and the Rewards center.


The Details on the system:

UO Addiction PvM system and how they interact with you, the player. The PvM mechanics of the server are designed to diversify universal mobile interactions keeping players in many areas. Mobiles are divided into groups, UndeadGroup, HumanoidGroup, ArachnidGroup, ReptilianGroup, ElementalGroup, AbyssGroup, FairieGroup, PlantGroup, UnderworldGroup


All of these groups have opposition Groups:

The Undead Group, Opposes the Undead Group and the Abyss Group.

The Humanoid Group opposes the Undead Group, Plant Group

The Arachnid Group opposes the Reptilian Group, Fairies Group

The Reptilian Group opposes the Arachnid Group

The Elemental Group opposes the Abyss Group

The Abyss Group opposes the Elemental Group, Fairies Group

The Fairies Group opposes Arachnid Group, Undead Group and the Abyss Group.

The Plant Group opposes the Elemental Group, Humanoid Group

The Underworld Group opposes the Abyss Group and the Humanoid Group.


Each group as well has allies (Friends):

The Undead Group allies the Undead Group, Abyss Group,

The Humanoid Group allies only with themselves the Humanoid Group.

The Arachnid Group allies with Arachnid Group and the Plant Group.

The Reptilian Group allies with themselves the Reptilian Group and the Elemental Group.

The Elemental Group allies themselves the Elemental Group.

The Abyss Group allies the Abyss Group the Undead Group.

The Fairies Group allies themselves the Fairies Group

The Plant Group allies with themselves the Plant Group.

The Underworld Group allies Underworld Group, Undead Group and the Elemental Group .

Players that try to recall gate, or teleport into the region will be automatically ejected to a location that can be specified based upon your faction level, allies or oposed to a specific factions dungeons group.

Our goal with this unique PvM system is to diversify the types of Monsters players slay as well as branching players out into all areas of the server. You'll notice the areas that have increased loot will automatically turn your character grey, thus making you attack-able. You'll also find that in areas you are not attack-able, loot is standard but you are safe to farm.
For every Monster killed a unique algorithm is attached based upon karma and fame for that specific Monster. As well as your Monster
standing with that specific group and will generate a player point, or points.

As we are a NON-DONATION server these points are used as rewards. The Rewards Vendor gate is located at the guards tower by Britain bank. You will see two vendors and many items for Monster points vendor are based upon your PvM Points. The items are listed by the points you have acquired and are also listed in your player info. We would suggest you keep a close eye on this because each monster you kill you'll attain your points dependent on your personal faction standing with that specific group or allies.

The monsters in each group should be self definable by thinking of what type of monster your are farming.

Please page us with any questions!