Bio Ultima Online

For over 20 years Ultima Online has given thousands the ability to live in a world born of mystic arts and ancient sorcery.  Addiction will allow players past and present to return to Britannia and rekindle the magic of the most venerable MMO of all time! UO: Addiction is that place for you!



What do I get with UO: Addiction?

UO: Addiction accounts receive complimentary access to all Pre-UOR expansions adding in a fully patched art graphics environment. UO: Addiction accounts have access to Ultima Online’s core features and can enjoy exploring Britannia, training character skills, making friendships that will last a lifetime and much more!


What is UO: Addiction?

Ultima Online: Addiction or UOA is a way for players to experience the core features of Ultima Online without a paid subscription. This server is a hybrid of UOR with minor enhancements from AOS. All systems are custom to UO: Addiction, it's a new spin and has been 4 years in the coding process. It is unique to all other servers, free and paid. Our uniqueness is our attraction.

In a nut shell, if you are familiar with free servers. We are a mix between UOGamers: Hybrid server and UO Forever's server. Although most of our scripts are original and our server is exclusively different in comparison.


Who is eligible for UO: Addiction

Everyone! UO: Addiction is a totally free NON-Donation server. We do this because we enjoy the game as well as enjoy the scripting work. We are only limited by our own imaginations.

What types of gameplay can I experience on a UO: Addiction account and server?

UO: Addiction accounts can access Quests, Community Collections, The Factions System , City Loyalty (except elections) (coming soon), Custom Bulk Order Deeds, Town Houses, Meta Pets, Custom crafting and much more! Most importantly, UO: Addiction accounts can be a part of the community that has allowed Ultima Online to endure for more than two decades!

What does UO: Addiction cost?

UO: Addiction accounts are free to access free to play and nothing will cost you your hard earned money. We do this for free, we do not solicit or accept donations or any kind of payments. A thank you will suffice.

If I’m playing a UO: Addiction account can I upgrade to a veteran account at any time?

No! You may not upgrade your UO: Addiction account to a full veteran subscription at any time. You will equally earn your rewards by play time and kills and play status on this server. We do not sale items to anyone at any price. All items are real play time rewarded.

Can a UO: Addiction account access a Donations Store?

No! The Donations Store doesn't exist. We are a Non paid server. Every player is equal and nothing is paid for here. If one player has an item you like, you have as much of a chance getting it as he/she did based upon play time.


What are the restrictions on building my character’s skills and stats?

None. Characters on a UO: Addiction account are eligible for up to the total skill points their character is eligible for based on age and follow the same stat restrictions of 225 Stats and 700 Skill points, the only way to exceed these skill caps are in our crafting systems. UO: Addiction accounts may use Power Scrolls in Blacksmithy, Tailoring, Taming and a couple of other custom crafting skills only.


What kind of access to storage does a UO: Addiction account have?

UO: Addiction accounts have access to a standard player backpack, banks and a custom housing system for storage.

What happens to my bank and decide to close my account?

Bye Felicia!  Your bank will remain waiting for you until you decide to re-login. We would hope to see you back soon!

Are there other housing related restrictions to UO: Addiction?

UO: Addiction accounts can access mailboxes, locked down or secure containers, drop stack-able items onto a locked down stack-able containers UO: Addiction accounts can safely logout in housing and use a city inn or tavern.

Can UO: Addiction accounts access Vendor Search and interact with player vendors?

Yes, UO: Addictions accounts can access Vendor Search (Bank boards) and freely purchase items from vendors.

Can UO: Addictions accounts access chat?

Yes, UO: Addiction accounts have access to Party chat and regions Chat and Global Direct Messaging through our custom party system. The custom party system also allows you to gate in help to your location when or while in danger as well can group heal all members within a 10 tile radius of your player.



Can UO: Addiction accounts collect IDOC loot?

UO: Addictions account are able to pickup IDOC loot countdowns are on housing signs so you know exactly when a house falls.

Dungeons, Combat, and PvP

Can UO: Addictions accounts participate in Champ Spawns?

UO: Addictions accounts can start champion spawns and receive rewards or scrolls from Champions. We also have custom creatures in each dungeon, most with a chance of rare drops.


Can UO: Addiction accounts participate in Player vs Player combat?

Yes, UO: Addiction accounts may join guilds to participate in and are eligible to create their own guild. UO: Addiction accounts may freely participate in our custom PvP systems and factions systems.


Can UO: Addiction accounts access dungeons, the Stygian Abyss, and the Valley of Eodon?

UO: Addictions accounts have full access to all of Felucca dungeons and areas, The Second Age, and the custom areas including PvP, RP, and PvE customs. UO: Addiction accounts may access any Felucca areas and a few custom areas on other maps for staff promoted RP and PvE.

Are UO: Addiction accounts eligible for veteran, promotional, holiday and Event Moderator rewards?

Yes! all accounts may claim veteran rewards and gain time towards custom veteran status. UO: Addiction accounts may claim promotional, holiday or Event Moderator rewards and cannot attack Event Moderator creatures.

Can a UO: Addiction account harvest resources from the world?

Yes! all accounts may only harvest basic resources such as iron ore and regular lumber and are not eligible for double resource bonuses in Felucca specific regions. UO: Addictions accounts may use pack animals to assist in their harvesting efforts and can receive resource rewards for more dangerous areas.

Can a UO: Addiction account use the Pet Summoning Ball, Bracelet of Binding, and Bag or Chest of Sending?

No! UO: Addiction accounts may not use the Pet Summoning Ball, Bracelet of Binding, Bag or Chest of Sending. We do not allow these items in the game. It is  a Risk vs Reward system.

Can UO: Addiction accounts board and place ships?

UO: Addiction accounts may board regular and if purchased, High Seas ships. UO: Addiction accounts can also place ships.


***More Information Coming***

All features are in active development and are subject to change prior to final release.