Tamer’s All Kill PK’s Macro

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Tamer’s All Kill PK’s Macro

Post by twlizer » Mon Apr 02, 2018 7:06 pm

Tamer’s All Kill PK’s Macro

This macro will make your pets automatically start attacking a red if they pop on your screen.

For this macro, you will first need to go into your hot keys section of razor, and under targets set a key for “Target Closest Murderer”. Set it to F5 for this tutorial.

Now go into Razor or UOSteam and create a new macro. Lets call it “RedCorpses”.

Start Recording your macro.

Type into the game “all kill” and press enter
Press F5 (Target Closest Murderer)

Stop recording. (if in UOSteam, hit save at the bottom left)

Your macro should look something like:

Say: “All Kill”
Wait For Target
Exec: Target Closest Murderer

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