Instant Recall Macro

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Instant Recall Macro

Post by twlizer » Mon Apr 02, 2018 7:07 pm

Instant Recall Macro

Go into your main Runebook. Click on the page for one of your runes (a safe rune like the bank is highly recommended). At the top of the page, hit the “set default” button. Now open your Spellbook to the 4th circle spells page.

Now go into Razor or UOSteam and create a new macro. Lets call it “GTFO”.

Start Recording your macro.

Double click the recall spell
Target your main rune book

Stop recording. (if in UOSteam, hit save at the bottom left)

Your macro should look something like:

CastSpell Recall (#32)
Wait For Target
Absolute Target

Now head to your Hot Keys tab, and under macros, set the macro GTFO to a key (I use F1). Whenever you are in trouble, press F1 and you will recall out, even if you are running.

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